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If you’re thinking about remodeling your Los Angeles home and don’t have time to sit around and take house calls, you like getting good deals on the stuff you buy, and want to know the best contractors in town will be trooping around YOUR bathroom remodel – well – we should talk.

Need a little help?

Some recent calls we’ve received at Improvemental:

  • “Help! I’m 8 months pregnant and my husband and I just bought our first home.  We need to fix up our condo to get it sold.  Also, we want to do a ton of work to our home before we move in, (skim coat, paint, refinish floors, update the kitchen, and fix a mold problem) and we want to bring our newborn home to live in our place for his first days.  No pressure, but we need a miracle!”
  • “I’m a writer and I’ve just bought a new place in Hollywood. I want to restore all the Mahogany woodwork to its’ original condition – it’s in bad shape. I’ve got an extensive art collection that needs to be moved and cataloged with care.  Oh – and can you help me convert the garage into a gym with a TV and wire the house for sound so I can use my iPod?”
  • “I’m touring this month and I need you to move me into my new place.  I won’t be around much for it.  I’ve got over 1,000 bottles of expensive wine we need to store and transport. I’m exhausted. Can you deal with this?”
  • ” I want to repaint our Guest House in Venice while my husband is out. He hates mess and we totally disagree on color. I want to do the entire project while he’s gone –  did I mention it’s on the second floor and I want to paint the concrete stairs leading up to it too? There’s only one entry – I don’t know how you’re going to do it, but can we get it done tomorrow??”
  • “You did the house across the street from us. We love our little house in Brentwood but have completely outgrown it. Instead of adding on, we want to look at using more of the property with a new home.  Also, we want to look for eco-friendly materials wherever possible, and consider recycling our entire home when we tear it down.  We’re both really busy and will need help managing the construction!”
  • “My friend gave me your number. My gardner hit some kind of water line and it’s overflowing right by my basement! There are electrical wires really close by… Get over here quick! I don’t know where the shut-off valve is…”

We’ve got the answer to all of the above…
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Client Love for Improvemental

Laurie did a museum quality restoration of my 1921 Craftsman. She also managed my move, had the chimney rebuilt, supervised the installation of new rain gutters, a new hot water heater, and about fifty other things. She somehow did all of this on time and on budget. She's really good. She did such a good job on my house, I recommended her to my parents. That's not something you do unless you're really happy with a person's work.

- Adam, Hollywood Hills