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We’re Featured on Design*Sponge!

Hey! I’m really excited to share that we were featured by the lovely Grace at  Design*Sponge for a DIY herringbone entryway paint job.  The full article, including detailed How-To instructions can be found here.  If you don’t know Design*Sponge, take thyself to their site immediately – get a cup of coffee, plant yourself for a few hours.  It’s addictive!

It’s been kind of redonkulous (hey.. even my Mom says it) around here lately, which is the only (lame!) excuse I have for such a delayed response to this fun post going up in… gulp… September!

Yes, yes, it’s a crime of Dastardly Social Media Proportions not to have slathered this all over myself with butter the week this came out – getting featured on Design*Sponge is a huge deal!

I can only blame it on my awesome clients for occupying me so fully with their cool projects.                    Heh. (you know who you are…..)

Regarding the project: It was easier than I’d have ever expected to do this entire project – took me less than one day and cost about $60.  I mean… who doesn’t love total change in a space for $60 and some elbow grease?

blue tape

The only part that required a little thought was taping off the sections, but I actually drew it out a few times to see what I liked.  I ended up making a wider chevron pattern so it wouldn’t be TOO busy… it is a small space.

My chevron pattern doodle...

Anne at MilkPaint was kind enough to donate a sample of their new SafePaint for walls (totally non-toxic, rich and interesting paint for projects that need some ‘history’ added) in Light cream.

love me some SafePaint

It was so easy to mix – and if you let it stand for a while before you use it, it thickens up nicely.

This was really easy...

Then off to the races! I was super impatient to see the results… I could totally imagine how this would come out but I do love me a reveal!

living proof I can actually paint!

What do you think?


Client Love for Improvemental

Laurie did a museum quality restoration of my 1921 Craftsman. She also managed my move, had the chimney rebuilt, supervised the installation of new rain gutters, a new hot water heater, and about fifty other things. She somehow did all of this on time and on budget. She's really good. She did such a good job on my house, I recommended her to my parents. That's not something you do unless you're really happy with a person's work.

- Adam, Hollywood Hills