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Wondering What Colors Work in a Mid Century Home? Try Food Colors …

Posted on December 7, 2010

Some things never grow old. I am still overly delighted with the first wear on a new pair of socks.  I dig 50’s juice pitchers at the Flea Market, every time.  I get giddy over a fresh set of Crayola Crayons – the 64 Pack – and love, love, love the way my office feels after it’s been organized by a professional.

I also never get tired of noodling on colors.  I love thinking about color combinations, pondering what’s right for a room, what’s historically accurate, and why certain stuff works. This project below was one of my favorites –  a family home we remodeled like mad in a canyon nearby. When you really look at the delicious colors in the family room below they evoke foody feelings. Don’t you think?

There’s some sort of pumpkin pie, chocolate, whipped cream thing happening for sure… either that or I’m officially hungry. Post Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas always feels very home-centric for me – and all about foods I don’t normally even eat.

I highlighted some harvesty colors in the space that make it feel very Mid-Century. In actuality, a lot of the colors from this time period are a little more pastel/sun-faded than these, but I reserve the right to see the world the way I want to…

Errrm… ok. So wet plaster isn’t even remotely close to a food.  I know – I should have tried harder before I hit publish, but I couldn’t think of a foody name for this color!!  And that’s honestly what wet plaster looks like (trust me – saw some in a leaky ceiling last week –  and it’s definitely not edible, friend-o)

Wanna know what Crayola 64 has to say about these colors? You know somebody gets paid a lot of money to eat bonbons and test out color names for their crayons…

Nothing in the 64 crayon box matches this color, foody sounding or otherwise.

What food would YOU associate the last color with?

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  • Darrell Morrison

    I like the wet plaster and the other colours. they would all work in my colour pallets
    well done !!

    Darrell Morrison

  • Laurie_March

    Farrow and Ball has a color called Setting Plaster that I like too.

    Maybe I hang out with Plaster too much.


  • sister

    how about pasty oatmeal?

  • Carley

    Silly putty.

  • Kim Tracy Prince

    Portobello mushrooms, baby!

  • Laurie_March

    Yeah!! Good one. And another thing I don't eat!

  • Laurie_March

    HA! Spoken like a true Mom. 😉

  • Tasha


  • Becky Shankle

    How bout Taupe-ish?

    And portobello mushrooms are like chewing on a spongey roadkill liver. *do not want*

  • Michael


    Beautiful job, very nicely done. Thank you for sharing.

  • Laurie_March

    Thanks, Michael! I'm looking forward to our chat about my blog :)

  • Laurie_March

    Girl, I'm with you. Yuck!! If you notice above, my link to 'foods I don't even eat' actually WAS liver! hah.

    For sure, Taupe works. I love taupe! But I wouldn't eat taupe. 😉

  • John Trosko

    Laurie, I am loving this post and I appreciate the link! Beyond that, please know that I adore that you help people find their passion for color and their home. It is YOU who continues to show me my adoration of the ocean… and all the blues contained in and around it. Keep up the good work!

    John aka OrganizingLA

  • iflovewasaroom

    so glad i found your page. funny thing… a couple of months ago i was looking for some interior design inspirations and i stumbled upon this photo and it stayed with me. and taunted much that i actually saw this as my inspiration to start my own blog! you did such an amazing job! thank you. btw i put up a link to your page. i had troubles figuring out where i saw that pic, but thanks to my habit of bookmarking anything and everything, i could track you down in all the chaos of mine.

    here's the link to my post i wrote about that room. it's my very first. :)


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