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Windy Day in LA – Santa Ana Winds Kick Up Some Leaves!

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A windy weather day in LA leads to lots of debris in the pool.

A windy weather day in LA leads to lots of junk in the pool.

Anyone here in LA could tell you that this Summer (DID we have a Summer this year??) had some oddball weather.  Anyone trying to get anywhere this today got blown away (and not in a good way) by strong wind gusts zipping across town.  Power lines went down, 1920′s windows rattled, and shrubbery everywhere shook in their roots.  My power has gone out twice in this post!

Dramatic, you say? Yeah, a little. (ok, I’m dramatic….) Until I peeked at a pool.

This is a seriously unhappy pool filter.

This is a seriously unhappy pool filter.

The popularity of SoCal living makes efficient property useage a big deal. To stake our claim, we use every inch of our yards –  and use them in the most creative ways. Many city and valley homeowners add in large hedges for privacy — especially around outdoor living spaces like backyards and pools- (hello, bikini and swim trunk prancing BBQ, anyone?)

Over time, and with good watering, these hedges can add huge property value and privacy, but can have some unfortunate consequences to plumbing, foundations, and pools. Back to the weather. 35 mile per hour winds unexpectedly shaking these hedges can throw off some serious leaves and dust.  Today is no exception. Peering into a Hollywood backyard with tall ficus hedges, I saw a very unhappy pool and filter – and a lot of potential problems too.

Lovely ficus hedge is the messy culprit.

Hedge is the messy pool filter culprit – busted!

Lots of people have a pool man that comes to take care of their pool and spas– Pools can be a serious investment.  If not, send your teenager (or husband? dog?) out to do the job.  We all run the risk of expensive equipment repair and service when we don’t also ‘self-police’ the condition of the pool, and request a little TLC when needed– i.e. call your pool man if you think you need a professional cleaning job, people!

When a pool filter is full of leaves and debris, it can’t properly continue to filter the water- causing the pump to continually run.  It sounds distressed (grumble grumble, cough – slurp) and sucks a lot of air through the system.  A sign of a full filter basket in your pool is lots of little air bubbles coming to the surface.

Air bubbles on the surface mean it's time to clean the filter!

Air bubbles on the surface mean it’s time to clean the filter!

Needless to say, burning out a pump is NOT a fun home repair expense!

It’s the little things that keep home systems in operating order, and save us all big bucks in major repairs.  Have a question? Email us here and we’ll help.  Oh, and go clean your filter!

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