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Breaking Up – The Heat is Gone

Posted on August 24, 2010

A heartfelt breakup letter from the trenches:

Oh knobby faucet… you’re not as awful as you could be – it could be worse! You could leak, or make a lot of noise at inopportune times. You’re better than that, but you kind of know we’re not right for each other. I’ve outgrown you…

Let’s face it – cleaning up was never your specialty.  In the last few months, you never lifted a finger. I can’t be with you if you refuse to work!

I’ll admit, from the start I’ve felt a vague sense of separation. It’s like you never gave me all of yourself! You kept a little part of yourself walled off.

Ugh – and there’s nothing stylish about you – at times you’re just so square! and well… fragile.

I don’t even wanna talk about the ‘heat’ department. No heat here! It’s just all fizzled out.  I could cry just thinking about how frustrated I am… I think we ran out of juice.

You may feel a little hollow after this, sort of empty inside. That’s normal after such a long relationship. I know we’ve been through a lot – and we’ve got some history.

But often these things are for the best. Errmm…. at least for one of us.

Oh – and it’s probably not a good time to mention it, but I’m Seeing Someone New!

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  • Kim Halverson

    What a great spin on your kitchen demo…we do have love affairs with our kitchens, don't we?

  • Carley Knobloch

    Laurie, you capture the “mental” of improvemental like no other! Love this.

  • Irina Netchaev

    Laurie, love the picture story! What a great way to communicate! Fantastic!!!!!!

  • Laurie March

    Thank you! I can't wait to show off the 'new relationship' … :)

  • Laurie March

    Isn't kitchen remodeling always mental???

  • Laurie March

    It's a total love affair until something ain't working.

  • mold removal hollywood

    I just love the pictures. Nice story telling. Thanks

  • Mold Testing Service New York

    love the picture story! What a great way to communicate! Fantastic!!thanks for the post.

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