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This Tree and I Are Going to Have a Little Chat…

Posted on May 6, 2010

Hmm. Somebody’s misbehaving…

Hmm... this is not a good fit.

This tree and I are going to have a little chat. You see… whoever built this patio didn’t expect this tree to get so big.  This tree has a big job to do here, too… with strong roots anchoring this home into a hillside property. Her branches are long, strong, and lovely.  I’d say this is going to be a delicate negotiation.

Perhaps something like this. “Um, hello tree! You are big and beautiful!  Erm… can we have a little talk about your waistline? I believe we are outgrowing this little hole made for you.  I’m going to see what I can do about letting out the hem, but I need you to stay healthy in the process.  Can you do it?”

Let's let out that waistline a touch...

The conversation I’m picturing in return… light blinking through the tree canopy.  Leaves, rustling an answer.  “Yessssssss…….” and a pent-up sigh of relief from a  lady who wears a garment that does not fit.

  • Carley Knobloch

    You are freakin' adorable.

  • Ricardo Bueno

    I second that!

  • irinanetchaev

    I third that!

  • irinanetchaev

    I third that!

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Laurie did a museum quality restoration of my 1921 Craftsman. She also managed my move, had the chimney rebuilt, supervised the installation of new rain gutters, a new hot water heater, and about fifty other things. She somehow did all of this on time and on budget. She's really good. She did such a good job on my house, I recommended her to my parents. That's not something you do unless you're really happy with a person's work.

- Adam, Hollywood Hills