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Wallace Neff Pasadena Perfection – 1649 Lombardy Road

Posted on February 1, 2010

As you know, I love seeing what’s on the market.  Not only does it help me hunt for gems for my clients who are looking to buy a home, but it satisfies my geeky obsession with tile, beautiful finish work, and meaningful updates that can be done to a Los Angeles home to make it a better space to live in.

This week’s goodies are no exception: when I tell you I’m ready to chuck it all and move into this home I’m so not kidding – the closets and bathrooms alone had me living there in my head – lovingly storing all my sweaters Martha Stewart style in the cedar lined closet! (…ask my caravan buddy Irina – she had to drag me out!)

I’ll show you what I mean.

Gorgeous stained wood floors and built ins in the Library/Office

The downstairs library shows off the beautifully stained wood windows and floors. And check out the peaked built in bookcases! Who couldn’t get a little work done in here…

This is ridiculously cool. Look at this fireplace! I need a book and a coffee immediately...

People can go way overboard with tile and fireplaces on occasion.  I’d say this is a beautiful example of a simple, classic tile layout on the hearth, with eye popping colors that perfectly tie into the fireplace, and a Herringbone brick pattern inside.  I’m seriously in need of a book, a blanket, and a coffee to further take in all it’s glory. Um, waiter?

What a perfect nook, just off the kitchen

I love this little nook just off the kitchen.  It feels like a tiny spot to pay bills, display books and art, and a perfect place to leave your keys.  The floating wood shelves just show the care this home was redone with, and a recessed light inside this nook actually makes it functional.

Who wants to track mud in here? Clever, beautiful mudroom...

Parent Alert:  With a mudroom like this, half your kid’s hockey team could leave their stuff  here and you’d still have space to walk.  I think I sat here for ten minutes, dreaming about my Wellies living here in color- coordinated glory.

Tile perfection in the powder room

I could go on forever about whoever laid the tile in here. I looked. Closely. And I think they did an incredible job! The grout colors set off the beautiful tiles and accents in a way that shows someone really thought carefully about the feeling they wanted to evoke in these bathrooms.  Every single one in the house showed similar love.

Vintage hardware sings on basic but rich looking tile in the bathrooms

The vintage style hardware in the bathrooms makes all the new updates feel like they’ve been hanging out here all along, and are in keeping with the style of the home.

Arched wood doors and tile in the entry welcome you home

Check out the Saltillo tiles in the entryway. Not to be a stickler, but the tile and the hardwood floors align in smooth, loving perfection in all the spots they meet. As a project manager and a designer, this signifies to me that the contractor and designer though about how you flow from one room to another, and calculated for seamless transitions in the flooring.  It would seem like a simple thing, right? (it’s not) Again, impressive stuff.

Custom painted arched windows display the jaw dropping view of historic trees and a grand lawn

The quality of light that beams into this home is really enchanting. It doesn’t hurt that all the windows are custom, historically relevant, have killer hinges, and display views of the historic specimen tree in the front lawn, and the well manicured property on all sides.

Where's my folding board? Move over Martha Stewart -my sweaters are moving in.

Seeing Cedar lined closets makes my sweaters itchy to relocate.  Move over, Martha Stewart… I’ve got a folding board and I’m not afraid to use it!  Even the doors are made of Ceadar. Talk about attention to detail…

Laundry chute! Goodbye baskets...

LOVE, love the addition of a laundry chute.  This cute little cabinet door in the hall whisks away Mom’s ‘wandering around and muttering to herself’ routine.  Just tell the kids it’s a basket ball net and let ’em shoot away! (clothes and linens only, please. No siblings…)

Mum's sanctuary... freestanding tub!

I’ll end the tour here in the Master bathroom. Yes, that’s me sitting on the floor taking this picture – this is where I staged my protest and didn’t want to leave!  Your eyes do not deceive you – this room really is that big. No camera tricks here… just an impressively sized and well-laid out Master bathroom.

There you have it: And if you want to wander through and fall in love yourself, the official site to the professionally shot images lives here. For the record – the stager did a beautiful job too of showing off the rooms. (Did you stage this home? Hit me up here so we can link to you!)

You could shoot Mark Ogden a call too – he’s the listing agent. (626) 396-3908

Tell him you saw it here at! Think he’ll buy me a coffee if you buy it?

Have a cool property you want me to come drool over? Let’s talk!

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  • Dave

    A post like this is worth a million! I sure hope that someone is paying for this wonderful article and the exposure it brings to such a fine home like this.
    This is so much better than the average listing one would see on a home. I applaud you Laurie.

  • Mold Remediation

    this site is so nice!

  • kimhalverson

    Dreamy! Dreamy details! Love the tile, use of natural light, & warmth of this gorgeous Wallace Neff. I'm surprised you were able to get shots without any people in them.

  • kimhalverson

    Dreamy! Dreamy details! Love the tile, use of natural light, & warmth of this gorgeous Wallace Neff. I'm surprised you were able to get shots without any people in them.

  • woodworking project plans

    wow, those are stunning. All that love and all that beautiful wood.

  • seamless gutter machine

    I like this article! Will come again next time for sure, thank again

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