The fanatical belief that remodeling doesn't need to cost you a fortune - or your sanity.


Style wears a hard hat when it comes to home improvement and remodeling with expert Laurie March. As an on camera talent on, she illuminates the often daunting details of home ownership, maintenance and construction. The Scripps Network tapped Laurie for her expertise and passion for helping Americans navigate the process of remodeling, one of the most exciting but stressful aspects to home improvement.  Her natural ability to connect with people and unique background makes her a creative fixture in a predominantly male industry.

Laurie’s passion for home improvement and remodeling were unearthed while tackling her own 1920’s Spanish style home in Los Angeles. Experiencing the challenges firsthand, her entrepreneurial spirit took over, and in 2005 she founded Improvemental, a project management and design firm. She and her team have completed over 50 homes and hundreds of small projects for a highly selective roster of actors, writers, producers, and all around awesome people in Hollywood.

Laurie is a Maryland native, former NFL mascot for the Baltimore Ravens, Wheel of Fortune winner and more recently, host of “Good To Know,” for She ties all of her success back to a wood dollhouse she remodeled with her Mom as a child, and her inaugural job as a somewhat bossy “construction manager” of an enviable fort she helped build with her Dad.

Laurie March